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02-Dec-2018 17:04

For clothing designers, sex dolls are superior to the traditional mannequin, because they can assume far more positions than a mannequin can.

How does the clothing look like when a person is sitting down, lying down or on all fours? For makeup artist, sex dolls are a great medium to test your skills, try out new concepts and good mockup to show potential clients.

Luckily, you can buy the best sex toys on the market right from your computer, and we've rounded up the 12 best sex toys for women.

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Some collectors have up 20-30 dolls of various sizes and body shapes.

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Or it can be widows or widowers who just want someone to be around in the house.The overwhelming response from customers who have bought dolls from say it's quite realistic, and many were in fact surprised how realistic the sex dolls feel.Here are some of the emails our customers have sent to us regarding the dolls.When it comes to your sex toy collection, you should invest the way you invest in footwear, shopping carefully and choosing the ones that fit you best.