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26-Jun-2018 00:30

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He seemed uninterested via text never texting first, giving one word answers, taking hours to respond, and that is what hooked me.

Remember I have always been confident and girls love the chase!

I apologize for dropping off the side of the planet for the past two years....

I started a new job and got back with an ex whom I met off Okcupid and we are currently planning our wedding!!!! Yet, there are still so many stories to share and advice to be given.

Like I have said and will say countless times more, the majority of people online dating are talking to more than one person and will drop communication with whomever else if they meet someone and have a somewhat of a connection. Someone who comes up with a bull shit response that life has been busy the past two weeks? You make plans and the other person keeps cancelling last minute with different excuses. This person could be scared, busy, has no interest in ever meeting but enjoys conversation, is currently in a sticky situation with another person that is back and forth, or just simply flaky.But now I am going to make it my job to share my experiences and my story to help more people find their... The truth is you will never know the answers to the many “why” questions that are associated with online dating.I really only recall the sex, him having a rather strange foot fetish…perhaps my lack in participation in the foot fetish led to our demise.

Joe never wanted to change his dating profile to “in a relationship” which outraged me, I was a confident girl and if you were with me you were only with me.The difference between online dating and meeting someone at a bar is the personal interaction which instantly develops a relationship.When you meet someone online you are simply a number or profile picture until the first encounter.I chose a different guy over him after messaging with both of them for a few days (Remember people talk to numerous people at one time), I went home from college for the weekend and came back that Monday with a new boyfriend... Joe was a big guy, long dark hair for a male, wore a superhero hat, and lived in his fathers basement.

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