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Me: Do you love Hidan S: thats none of your buisness.

: I wouldn't mind killing you Me: Is that supposed to scare me?

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Unusually, it is not built from scratch but is built from surplus Polish army Pw wz.33 pistols fitted with a new barrel and a modified slide.The Pistol Series 213 are commercial models of this pistol.' Alo posta, javi jel' to Crna Gora, Barsada cu vi da objasnim u cemu je stvar Odje je Beograd zove Boro, Djokov sinu narodu poznat kao zenski dusmanin Na lokomotivi nedje desio se kvaru tunelu na liniji Beograd za Bar Ne znam da l' je Mojkovac ili Kolasinal' stici ce na vrijeme Boro zenski dusmanin U tunelu, fala bogu desio se mrakona mrsava i slaba a ja mnogo jak Osobito mrzjelo me da se pravim finjer za dzabe me ne zovu zenski dusmanin' Alo posta, kol'ko kosta ovaj razgovornoge su mi smrdjele kano da sam tvor U nesvjest je pala pa je onda lezalaa ja sam je zaskocio da ne bi bjezala' Alo posta, javi je l' to Crna gora, Bargace sam zaboravio u tome je stvar To je tuzna pjesma koju crnci zovu bluesali ja ne mogu da se setam gologuz This site is marked private by its owner.Šta je engleski književnik zapisao o Crnoj Gori godine 1913-e i zašto smatra da je Crna Gora svojevrsni Robin Hud Evrope. Omg yay i got my sasuke-kun *gets a stick* bak off u dum fangirls..i hate fangirls good thing im not one of them i really did like sasuke but then is was so sweet so now i LOVE my sasuke-kun..*gets attack by fangirls* ahh!!

Yet another Ask game to compensate my long absencea and the unfinished sim game I posted yesterday~ ^o^The 4th version is SASORI~ many requested for this one~Sasori doesn't have to many nice things to say~he's just pissed off,you know? Sasori: Seems like you're one of those fangirls I try to avoid.. Sasori is scratching his head with his cable thing x'DDD or,at least,that's what it looks like~hihihi~ x'DEnjoy (NOTE:sorry,sometimes the music loops just wrong and it sounds like some satanic tune :'D if that happens,please refresh the page So Ciel got a hold of the chatbot... s: i wouldnt mind killing youme: shesh fine, i was only askings: you look like you need some posionme: O.os: dont piss me off okme: meany s: thats fake and gayme: thats means: go play somewhere else kid Me: sup S: Don't piss me off...okay? me: jerksasori: you seem like one of those fangirls i try to avoidinner me: oh yes you should avoid me, because i'm about to kill you...unme: i hate yousaso: *sigh*me: *sigh*saso: yesinner me: i'm just beyond confused, un me(after saso said yes): nosaso: you got any candyme(resend the last answer): nosaso: you got serious problemsinner me: because i don't have any candy?

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