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Collins, Bettye Collins, Maurice Columbus, Joseph C.

Corbett, Leo Cornish, Clem Corre, Joseph Corson, John J.

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Young, Fred Young, Lloyd Zappacosta, Ronald Zawatcky, Louis Zuckerman, Michael H.

The folders may contain photographs as well as textual material. Wendt, Sharon West, Harold West, Howard Wheeler, Peter Whisenand, Robert A. Weinrich, Paulette Weiss, John Wells, Al Wence, George W. White, Herbert White, Joseph White, Ruth White, Wardell Whitney, E. Are you a Stony Ridge single looking to meet a single woman to make your heart beat again?

Comedy · Jackie crashes Pete and Kate's party and hooks up with one of Pete's co-workers Nat Faxon; Diane and Meg have a confrontation.… continue reading »

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Summary Kate Harrison Malin Akerman finds life as the third wife of Pete Bradley Whitford complicated by the presence of his ex-wives and stepchildren. Marcia Gay Harden, Natalie Morales, and Michaela Watkins also star. Genres Comedy. Creator Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins; Season 1 premiere date Sep 24.… continue reading »

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This volume of the Haskins Society Journal brings together a rich and interdisciplinary collection of articles. Topics range. Contributors David Bachrach, Mark Blincoe, Katherine Cross, Sarah Ifft Decker, Joyce Hill, Katherine Hodges-Kluck, Jesse Izzo, Martin Millett, John Patrick Slevin, Oliver Stoutner, Laura Wangerin.… continue reading »

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Abstract. Despite numerous studies aimed at resolving relationships among basal euteleost lineages, many aspects of their phylogeny remain the subject of debate. The Esociformes have proven particularly difficult to place, and although a hypothesis of relationships within this group first proposed by Nelson has been.… continue reading »

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