Rowupdating gridview findcontrol colton haynes and holland roden dating

17-Sep-2018 12:41

To do so make a variable accessible to the Row Updated and the Row Updating events (edit Row) that will store the Row Index of the row being edited, then in the Row Updated event get the Hidden Field's Value for row being edited.

I like to grab control values in Grid View_Data Bound(), which occures just after the controls are bound. Are you trying to get the value of a Label in a template field of a gridview? I know how to find a control under a template field from a grid view, and get its value. To String(); } Since the value uses Bind it will now be read/write.

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I've successfully displayed data using a Grid View, as well as bringing the Grid View into an Edit, Update, Cancel mode.

I really had hopes that it was going to find the value in the textbox, but it just isn't popuplating the Text property. Well, I'm not sure what I did but I got it working. A recurision technique to search all page controls was the final answer. Insert the below code above the VB displayed up above that calls the recursive function.

I need to clean up all the scrap code and I will try and post the final solution. Thanks for your help superguppie, I truly appreciate the commitment to work through the challenges. Dim Main Content As Content Place Holder = CType(Page. Find Control("Content Place Holder1"), Content Place Holder) Dim Main Content2 As Content Place Holder = CType(Main Content.Find Control("Content Place Holder2"), Content Place Holder) Dim GRD4 As Grid View = CType(Main Content2. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you.This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. If that is a Bound Field, cast to that and you will have access to the Data Field property. Update ' Notify the user that the update was successful. Extract Values From Cell(values, field1Cell, Data Control Row State. Text = Direct Cast(values("Field1"), [String]) Dim field2Text Box As Text Box = Direct Cast(row. When I wrote that demo, I also wanted to show that columns could be selected by examining Data Field. So i think I am giong to change back to boundfields since it did not error, and try to figure out why I was not getting the value that had been entered. Row Index) Dim field1Cell As Data Control Field Cell = Direct Cast(row.