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You can get all removed rows by as j Query selection. You can get the updated row using data.row, you can get related record with data.record. This event is raised when selected rows on the table changes in anyway.

You can get remove reason by data.reason (can be 'deleted' or 'reloading'). It may change when user selects/deselects a row, a selected row is deleted, page changed while some rows are selected...

This event is raised when user successfully creates and saves a new record.

You can get the added record using data.record argument.

If an input stream is open for the current row, a call to the method If the row number is positive, the cursor moves to the given row number with respect to the beginning of the result set.You can get all records loaded from server by data.records argument.This event is raised when user successfully updates a record.A database object can be either a table, a view, a custom view or a report.

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when caching or prefetching is being done by the SDBC driver to fetch the latest value of a row from the database.

This feature reduces the need of template customization and create maximum possibilities for you to customize and create more advanced features for your projects.