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19-Jul-2018 18:05

-on page2 of pageframe :combobox1 with rowsource = table1.field1; controlsource is formproperty aa -on page2 of pageframe :combobox2 with rowsource = table2.field1; controlsource is formproperty bb -on page3 of pageframe textbox cmd.

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Requery -------------------------code snippet-------------------- I put this as an afterupdate event. LIST0 has a list of records from the KSTUDY_PRSTUDY table. Unfortunately, it does appear to be updating the rowsource of LIST4 properly.. That doesn't happen, not even when I execute the listbox's Requery method. Next scenario: -vfp9 -form with pageframe -dataenvironment with my Table1 my Table2 my Table3 these are all same table.If I close the form and reload it, then the listbox will show the new customers. Someone suggested there might be a timing issue where my listbox Requery happens before the database insert is completed.

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I tested this by adding a command button to call the listbox Requery method.

wrote: Sorry, the problem is not what I thought it was. I am adding data to the database, and that data would be returned by the listbox's underlying rowsource.