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Bringing together people with different specialties helps an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas that may not be readily possible otherwise.

It may also help to identify potential collaborators for a project.

Fortunately, the disease is preventable, as Dean’s team is developing robust regimens to prevent it. Amy is an expert on the social and sexual behavior of our closest living ape relative, the bonobo, and first discovered that bonobo societies are characterized by female dominance and matriarchy.

Then on to this writer’s personal favorite: Amy Parish is a biological anthropologist, primatologist, and Darwinian feminist who teaches at USC. Amy’s thesis is that “bonobos are from Venus, chimps are from Mars.” Chimpanzees, typically thought of us the most human-like of the great apes, are violent, sexually manipulative, infant-killing monkeys, she asserts.

The process of finding new ideas is facilitated by different people interacting, albeit briefly, to brainstorm new possibilities on a particular issue.

Working in pairs for brief periods of time may help avoid some problems that one finds in group brainstorming such as shyness to speak in groups, social loafing, and some highly vocal people dominating the session.

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The teams' preliminary research suggests that speed-storming accomplishes its two intended purposes: generating new ideas and identifying potential collaborators. Putting the discipline in interdisciplinary: Using speedstorming to teach and initiate creative collaboration in nanoscience.After all, one of its purposes is to facilitate potential collaboration that crosses disciplinary boundaries!If it does, then one reaps extra benefits, provided organizational code of ethics will permit such benefits.One example is a DNA “box” that contains chemotherapy drugs but does not open until it encounters a cancer cell, thus reducing the side effects to the rest of the body.

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Keeping with the medical side of things, we then heard from Dean Sherzai, director of the Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Afghanistan’s former Deputy Minister of Health.In addition to spending her working life thinking about monkey sex, Amy also has the amazing task of programming a television network just for bonobos. The Europeans are experimenting with apes and screen time, and she gets to greenlight content for their various channels (including the Sex Channel, Food Channel, and Aggression Channel). Astrophysics never had a more passionate ambassador than Chiara Mingarelli, an Italo-Canadian gravitational-wave astrophysicist, currently based at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she holds a Marie Curie Fellowship.Chiara’s core research is focused on using pulsar timing arrays to detect low-frequency gravitational waves, with forays into electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational-wave events, such as fast radio bursts.Essentially, speed-storming involves having people work in pairs generating ideas in a round robin fashion for about 3-5 minutes each round.

Sep 13, 2011. A new strategy for generating ideas and collaborations.… continue reading »

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May 3, 2016. I had never attended one of The Science & Entertainment Exchange's famous round-robin talks and did not know what to expect. This week, I joined the organization in their sexy new digs at Neuehouse Hollywood “international first-class travel lounge meets office—on crack” as a speed-dating virgin and.… continue reading »

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