Rochester mating and dating

26-Nov-2018 01:20

If you're not into drinking, you won't be pressured to.

People don't want to buy beer for you if you don't want to drink it, trust me.

one great thing about rochester that i really liked is that adjusting to college early freshman year was not as hard as it could have been because all of the freshman live in the same freshman-only buildings and the school makes an effort to force you to meet other people.

my best friends are from my freshman floor and in the fraternity that i joined, and i spend a lot of time with both.

If you aren't on a sports team I think that fraternities and sororities are pretty important.

About 25% of the school pledges but keep in mind that about half the school never goes out so that leaves you with half the people that go out are in some kind of frat/sorority.

Partying is up to the student but most weeks there are 4 days a week where you can go and have a good time, two of those being during the week at bar parties that are sponsored by sororities or other groups.As with any university, student groups play a major role at UR.Some of the most popular ones that come to mind are the musical groups (orchestra, percussion ensemble, jazz band, a Capella groups, etc.), activist/political groups (Green Space, College Dems/Repubs, etc.), media groups (Campus Times, the student-run radio station and record label, etc.), and club/intramural sports. I'm the Publisher for the Campus Times (CT, our student newspaper), and have been working with the CT since freshman year.Last weekend it was a dance party hosted by a famous DJ that the university brought in and next weekend it is a concert by one of the musical groups.

Usually the most popular events on campus are basketball games and fraternity could be due to people finding other social avenues or just the types of people being admitted to rochester have changed over the years/gotten more competitive).the administration is definitely cracking down on fraternities, and i keep hearing stories about "how much better this event used to be before the administration started being so strict about it." i am a new fraternity member and i really enjoy it.In the city, some popular social activities include checking out some of our indie movie theaters (well-kept secrets), concerts, checking out the bar scene, hanging in parks, hitting up restaurants, heading up to the beach for the day (~20 minute drive), and just urban exploring in general.