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One may not be appealed by the appearance of the noodle, for it is covered with thick sesame paste, and looks a little bit ugly especially after being mixed around, but he won't resist the temptation of the attractive flavor.

I often swallow up a bowl of hot dry noodles in a few minutes and then drink something such as soybean milk, and never will I forget to clean the corners of my mouth because of sesame paste.

It’s not too difficult to find hot dry noodles in other cities in China, however, the taste won’t be the same, and so the noodles can always be a call of homesickness.

Hot dry noodles well match the character of the city.

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You shouldn't expect to find nobility or elegance in Wuhan. And hot dry noodle is such a thing, common, cheap, but tasty.

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Some of my friends from other places told me that hot dry noodles are too dry for them.David Fanning, Founder and Executive Producer of FRONTLINE will receive the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award New York, N. – July 11, 2013– Nominations for the 34th Annual News and Documentary Emmy® Awards were announced today by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).The News & Documentary Emmy® Awards will be presented on at a ceremony at Frederick P.The event will be attended by more than 1,000 television and news media industry executives, news and documentary producers and journalists.

Emmy® Awards will be presented in 42 categories, including Breaking News, Investigative Reporting, Outstanding Interview, and Best Documentary, among others.

David has guided FRONTLINE to the pinnacle of public affairs television.