Ranbir kapoor dating sonam

17-Jun-2018 14:18

Rather than playing any particular actress, she will play all the actresses that Dutt dated during the 1980s and 1990s rolled into one.She will also go through a makeover to do justice to the time frame of the film.There's so much of goodness in her, there is no negativity. Everything is black or white, there's no middle, and that's the best thing with Sonam that she has retained since childhood." She had said, "Ranbir has always been this stud. He's always been one of those guys who girls always run after, and stuff like that. There should be more such films, this should be the norm.He's a few years older then me but we've been, I guess we hung out like a couple of times and we were always on a very friendly note. In Hollywood there are many female-oriented films that are such big blockbusters and are entertaining.They gave birth to a daughter but eventually got divorced.Dutt’s most discussed affair followed when he dated his Given these details, Sonam is in for a huge challenge as she will embody these four actors.The gist of the entire episode comes down to two things.

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that Sonam will do a special appearance in the film.

If you were unmarried, who is the one actress you would like to take out on a date? I can't even dream, because if I dream, she (Sunita) will come to know". If you woke up as the following people what is the first thing you would do? Arjun Kapoor - "I don't think he needs advice, he is sensible and intelligent and is taking the right steps".