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radiometric dating is a complex process complicated by-59

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And did you know that cells are really, really complicated? Specifically, it argues that if you take a part away from an organism and it stops functioning (analogous to taking the engine out of a car) then it must be irreducibly complex and cannot have evolved.

And you're gonna be blown away by the bacterial flagellum — it's like a little machine! Irreducible complexity stems from the claim that some biological systems appear to be too complex to have arisen by natural selection.

Examples include the polychaete worms, which can distinguish between light and dark; the famous compound eyes of the insects, which can make out simple shapes, and ultimately the sophisticated single-lens eyes of the molluscs and vertebrates.

Another famed and also flawed example references "the watch on the beach".

radiometric dating is a complex process complicated by-33

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It gives the creators infinite room to declare any number of things (that do not presently have an evolutionary explanation) "irreducibly complex", while at the same time denying the applicability to other structures with a known evolutionary history.The above arguments appeal to the common sense of the "Average Joe".Popular support is, however, not part of the scientific method; bear in mind that a significant part of the world's population believes in astrology. The concept is considered to be mostly bollocks when applied to evolution because it fails to take into account numerous other pathways that a particular ability can evolve through — it assumes that evolution must go through "additive" processes to achieve its conclusion and this isn't the case.

Interweaving the relative time scale with the atomic time scale poses certain problems because only certain types of rocks, chiefly the igneous variety, can be dated.… continue reading »

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