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TEOWAWKI may never happen to the whole world at once, but it certainly happens on a small scale all the time.If your home burns down and everything familiar to you is gone, your world as you have known it to date has just ended.Many hunters are also weapons collectors, which provides protection for your family.So you get four great benefits in one hobby - hunting, collecting, protection and food; seven benefits if you count butchering, meat storage and cooking. Learn how to work metal the old fashioned way with a forge. To wit: If you'd still like to send in your original essay or video on self-sufficiency, survivalism, or prepping -- there's still time! __________________________ Anyone Can Start Prepping Today by Lynette If only I had been prepping those 15 years instead of just dreaming about it.Prepper’s have an inner need to learn all we can in providing for ourselves and to prepare for The End Of the World As We Know It.Speaking of craftsmen, how many of you have non electric tools?

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We need to have all entries posted by the end of the year, then we'll submit the winner to the Safecastle folks. Now that I live the prepper’s life, I understand how much I could have been doing while I still lived in the city. In our society, we purchase everything but know little about how to provide these things for ourselves.

Prepping can be as simple as learning how to cook or bake without electricity, though, you will learn that ‘simple’ is a relative term.

You can train yourself on open fires, Dutch ovens, solar ovens, a wood stove or an earthen stove.

You don’t need to move to a rural setting, many suburban areas have property zoned for livestock.

Raising livestock in small quantities can teach you all the basics. Do you realize how important horses will become if we don’t have gas for our tractors or transportation?

You can buy raw wool and learn how to work it, you don’t need to own the livestock.

Corpus Christi in South Texas is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, bird watching, great museums and unique attractions. Best things to do in Corpus.… continue reading »

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I made my way into the wolverine world by following a young female wolverine from the Absaroka-Beartooth project. Her ID was F3, and she enchanted me for years by.… continue reading »

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