Person intimidating with gun

15-Aug-2018 20:12

Most of the time in these types of situations the weapon is being used to control you, not necessarily to kill you.You want to follow the instructions of the person who has the weapon but do not do it without communicating what you are about to do.For example, if they say what high school they went to, you may want to ask them if they knew your friend who went to the same school, even if that friend does not exist.If a controversial subject comes up such as politics or religion, this is not the time to get into a debate.

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Christopher Vazques, 28, reportedly caused a disturbance at about a.m.

If the purpose is to kill you, then you would likely already be dead.

Mass killers enter schools, places of employment, malls, etc., and just start shooting either randomly or with predetermined goals such as shooting at specific a group of people.

If you make eye contact, it makes them view you more as a human being and less like a disposable object.

There are certain common scenarios that result in having a weapon pulled on you.

A hostage situation has different dynamics than armed robbery.

A Portsmouth man is accused of threatening another person with a gun after an argument.… continue reading »

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Benjamin Snow, 24, is accused of pointing an unloaded gun at a person’s head and pulling the trigger three to four times during a fight Saturday night, police said.… continue reading »

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