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Having paid through the teeth for a university education – the content of which I haven’t used at all in the 10 years since graduating – I was skeptical about how much real world value could be gained from a free online course – especially when you don’t even get a degree certificate at the end of it to put on your resumé.But I was pleasantly surprised by my first foray into Coursera with the Gamification course I took last year: the lectures were stimulating and genuinely useful; the tests were quite difficult and the written assignments were indeed a challenge.In the Advanced section, click the Environment Variables button.In the Environment Variables window in the "User variables for Foo Bar" section click on New and type in the following: Variable name: PERL5LIB Variable value: c:\path\to\dir Then click OK 3 times.In each directory it checks if there is a subdirectory called "My" and if in that subdirectory there is a file called "".The first such file it encounters will be loaded into memory.Suppose we have a directory full of files which is maintained with a set of automated tools; perhaps one set of tools updates them and another set of tools uses the result.In this situation, it might be useful for the second set of tools to know if the files have recently been changed.

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You’ll be strengthening your own learning as well as practicing concise, technical writing skills in the process.

Every directory listed in this variable will be added to the beginning of For a more long term solution follow these steps: Right-click My Computer and click Properties.

Subroutines and functions in Perl;. regardless of their location in the file. This will place the array in SCALAR context and in that context it will return the.… continue reading »

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