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We offer a family-friendly ritual so please do not consume alcohol on the premises or bring alcohol for feast. CCDS parking is limited but overflow parking is available to the East of the Center at Cobblestone Trail Park (7601 John T.

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To help defray costs, a love donation of is requested, but not required, so please do not decline attendance due to lack of funds. You are welcome to bring a store-bought feast item to share if you like.I promise you they aren't, but if you ask, I will wax poetic about the good old days and some of the trouble I've caused.Dallas is fairly far to go for many people to find community, and I am looking for more than just open rituals to fulfill my social service component of my practice, so I created this group.Ananda Dallas is in a small business area on your right just before Ledgemont Lane. This is an announcements-only list for Co G and other Witchen, Wiccan, or Pagan organizations to post information about upcoming networking opportunities.