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04-Nov-2018 05:27

You can search for and add contacts from KU to your Lync Contact List from within the Outlook Web App.You can also create contact groups to organize your contacts. CSSD strongly recommends that you do not reply to unsolicited emails or emails from unverifiable sources.

Avoid clicking on links contained in such emails, as these may lead to sites that contain harmful software.

If you have not added any contacts or contact groups, you will only see the default “Other Contacts” group. By default, Lync will determine your availability based on the calendar associated with your KU account.

If you are in an appointment or meeting on your calendar, you will appear as “busy” or “In a meeting.” If you are not in a meeting on your calendar, you will appear as “Available.” Please note: When you manually override the default, your status will remain what you’ve manually set until you either change it to another status or return to the default settings using the full Lync desktop software.

Disclaimer: I've received concerns from people about having these links here for the world to see.

Here are my thoughts: These are all public facing OWA servers that are located in a DMZ on a government computer network and require your CAC to access the site.

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When you log in, you will see two Lync-related areas.

Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) is responding to a new email phishing scam that claims to be from the IT Service Desk Support.

Jan 7, 2017. For more information about the S/MIME update, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base 883543 The S/MIME control does not load in OWA when you are running the Exchange Server 2003 OWA client on a Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computer. You may.… continue reading »

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Jan 7, 2017. Explains how to resolve logon problems in Outlook Web Access by using the correct authentication methods and the correct permissions to the. If you do not type your user name in the domain\alias format, or if you click Cancel, you receive the following error message. Last Updated Jan 7, 2017.… continue reading »

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Mar 30, 2014. Update Outlook Web Access OWA works from domain-joined machines, at least inside our building.not outside.… continue reading »

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Jan 20, 2003. I recommend troubleshooting such a problem by first trying to access the OWA server from another computer. If other computers can access the OWA site, then the problem is likely with the computer in question's Internet connection and not with OWA. On the other hand, if none of the computers that you.… continue reading »

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