Opinions about online dating

19-Jan-2019 04:41

As they get older people start to lose those ideals of love and begin believing that love is having things in common and having perfect compatibility, and with that the truth of love is slowly falling apart.

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I think Facebook and other social media site can definitely fall under this category. They are both in their 20s and met online when they noticed each others profiles through a mutual Facebook friend. We all know that the dating game isn’t easy whether you meet someone in person or online.Tinder allows users to view other users within a 100 mile radius with a self-designated set preference of age, distance and gender.Tinder is available to anyone with a Facebook that is 18 years or older; however, in my opinion, it is favored more by college students, age 18-25.Online dating sites raked in a whopping 2 million in 2011, when you can find somebody you truly love without a monthly membership fee.