Ohio nursing law mandating

08-Feb-2019 23:55

I was allowed to sign a declination form last year and wear a mask, but this year they said NO.

3/4 of my fellow employees who get the shot immediately get sick and miss an average of 3 days work thereafter. Do you realize how many non employees are waltzing through my hospital ( family, visitors etc.) on any given day, in direct contact with patients?The flu vaccine advocates are all under mind control.There is no study proving the safety efficacy of the flu vaccine.Should we require anyone working in a public get a vaccine as a condition of employment because immuno-suppressed people have to visit the supermarket too. A surgical mask does little to prevent the transmission of a virus.

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And lastly, because of the nursing shortage and hospitals tightening their budgets, i`ve seen many instances whereby nurses are encourgaged to show up to work, sick or not.

Several of us are planning to do something, like a class action suit. Anyone and anywhere in public people can catch the flu bug and especially from doctors who are seeing sick people in their office or in the hospital all day long In response to the prior comment,in Illinois, the hospital where I work, many of us are discussing a plan to rally mandatory vaccination policy in front of our state capital as well as trying to get media attention.

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