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“There’s the obsession with her in the tabloid culture, the fight with her mother on Radar Online, the fact she’s next to Brad and Angelina on Life & Style. ” The entire world, he says, wants to know what is going on inside the Suleman house, inside such a strange, uniquely American, uniquely modern drama. important.” When I visited the Sulemans, a British director, Luke Campbell, and a Scottish cameraman, Andy Mc Leod, were shooting the children at play. The paparazzi dashed out of their cars to snap pictures of the Octomom exiting hers. Now that he’d spent time with her, however, he, like Rogers and Perkins, found her surprisingly personable if not terribly reflective.

“What are these kids’ lives going to be like when they get older? “When I started to look at the possibilities here, and spent some time with Nadya and the family, it started to feel really . Campbell, 41, is handsome, with blue-green eyes and gelled hair; Mc Leod is owly and impish. Much of Campbell’s recent work has had to do with people in extreme circumstances. Now that we’ve been here a while longer, they like us.” Campbell agreed. The Eyeworks crew members leapt out of their vehicles, and began filming the paparazzi. I introduced myself to Jason Mitchell, the paparazzo in charge. “I get quite shocked at how she lives so in the moment,” he said.

Blue-eyed, 2-year-old Caleb smashed a toy truck into a wall.

Calyssa, his twin, mooned around with an otherworldly smile.

The first is the sheer tonnage of children’s apparatus, to wit: trucks (dozens), balls (hundreds), books, monkeys, bears, babies, Ernies, Berts, trolls and a 70-inch flat-screen television for the Wii. Mc Leod and Campbell began with Jonah, the octuplet with the cleft lip. But a kid turning away from the camera, crying and sliding out of frame? Evidently, he was having a hard time connecting with what a Method actor would call his motivation. One by one, each baby was placed on the slippery, uncomfortable board, secured — or not so much — with the Velcro swatch and filmed. The exertions of the grown-ups became more and more strained. They began to writhe around, clutching the air in their hands, eventually finding their mother’s incredibly thick hair and getting stuck there. Aidan, the autistic child, came along and pulled his mother’s hair. ” She finally freed herself from her octuplets and jumped up. It’s a perfect illustration of how having media in your life can create what seemed to be a really distressing moment. I said to Nadya, ‘I’m sometimes astonished that you just don’t say no.’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, you know, it would have been nice to have a picture like that.’ ” to spend time alone with a few of the older kids so they don’t feel overshadowed by the octuplets. But at a minimum, with every public outing, she and her kids will be subject to gawking and photographing by amateurs.

For these reasons, plus a sprinkling of magic tabloid fairy dust, Suleman left the hospital as the world’s most renowned postnatal celebrity. As a recipient, between 20, of more than 9,000 in disability payments, Suleman, who is now 34 and spent much of her adult life living with her parents, was cited as proof of everything that is wrong with American culture, single mothers, California and the welfare state. She wanted to be able to earn a living with dignity, or at least a minimum of dignity, without resorting to public assistance. Following a ruling by the California labor commissioner, the octuplets can be filmed for a total of only one hour per day. The next day, the crew was in “observational-filming mode,” but when the photographer for this magazine, Gillian Laub, requested a shot with everyone in it — Suleman, the babies and the crew — Perkins agreed. It feels like I have 14 parts of my heart walking around outside of my body, and that’s really profound.” filming wound down, the crew tried to shoot Suleman saying good night to the older children.

Maliyah, Josiah and Isaiah lay on the couch in varying states of gassy snuffling.

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