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It’s true, they’re down there to meet people.” “My question is are we all supposed to assume they’re unemployed? Get Susp eliminates the need for advanced technical knowledge to isolate undetected malware.[from the Infowars wiki] Quotes On scientific governments "For some reason which I have failed to understand, many people like the system [scientific... Every day we see how thousands of voices are raised in protest, voices that demand change and improvements, voices that call for better treatment, equal rights, liberty and justice. But if we look back at history we find that many of the greatest achievements in the... Listen to the unmistakable musical voice of Ry Cooder. The legendary performer-composer behind the politically astute Buena Vista Social Club spoke to Nicola Standbridge of the BBC about his new album.Fascinating and hilarious animated special that will open your eyes. Do you really know what the Federal Reserve...9-11 Cop Breaks Silence - Israeli Mossad Involvement in Attacks A fascinating array of evidence that Israel and the Mossad were deeply involved in the 9/11 attack on the US. The American Dream Film - Full Length The American Federal Empire - 'Change is on the Horizon' Congressman Mc Fadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Barack Obama - A Wall Street Puppet - by Historian Dr. A fine documentary retrospective detailing how the 2012 primary (and hence the election overall) was blatantly and criminally stolen. Ry Cooder Takes On the Banks You can bail out the banks, or you can sing out about them. " No Banker Left Behind " is the opening track to Ry Cooder's 2011 album, " Pull Up Some Dust...One of the best single pieces I have ever seen explaining NWO, British, RIIA, Tavistock...Behind the Balfour Declaration - Britain's Great War Pledge to Rothschild Bankers This was the British governments promised payoff to the Rotscgild bankers for their pressure on the USA to bail the Brits out of World War 1, which the Brits were losing.The real substance of the video begins at about min, and pretty much gets better and better.Explains in part why and how the US has been repeatedly duped into fighting unnecessary wars for the last 100 years, and for whom they were really fought.

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News and resources for protesters attending the mass demonstration on Wall Street against financial greed and corruption… continue reading »

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Occupy Wall Street A protest timeline - The Week PRWEB November 24, 2011 -- How has a tough economy changed the way that men and women meet each other when they.… continue reading »

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