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--------------------------------------------- Other useful Tools you can use: !Fast Exit2 Fast Exit is included Unpack the Component DLLs-23208-1Copy the data folder in your Oblivion folder.This is intended to be used with Enhanced First Person Camera.You are loud, you are polluted and you drove me nuts within the first night of knowing you.Technical details of what is included: Esp change log: LPK base rev96 - Initial Release LPK base rev96v2 - Added support for creature animation changes.New behavior: Build list of all beds within specified distance.Allow Trespass to 0 ; Allow saving while trespassing?And why are you running Combat FPSOptimizer and Streamline at the same time?

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The description says to just disable Streamline's Stream Smooth features, and even mentions using it with Streamline and OSR (or that is what I took from how the description phrased that conflict.)Well that would be very foolish disabling Streamsmooth as it works in more than just combat situations.

My only experience with the corrupted Stream Save was when it was allowed to save during battle I think.

Steam1- Wrye Bash - I recommend version 295: Bash 295/ ( I don't use Wrye Bash.

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This package includes all core files as well as Lovers MB2 (its animations have been updated to be AP ready as well).