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"They were forced to work in these places for even up to [a] year, often without any contraception.Some of the women told us they inserted wool from their mattresses inside their genitals, hoping it could in some way protect them." In Nigeria, recruiters from criminal syndicates often pose as benefactors offering to front the money for the women's trip.Evidence gathered in Nigeria by Sister Eugenia Bonetti, who has been internationally recognised as a driving force in the fight against human trafficking, suggests one-in-three women in Benin City, Nigeria, have been approached by local traffickers who promise them non-existent jobs if they go to Europe.Many of the women who agree are then raped, beaten, and psychologically abused by members of the Nigerian mafia that control the trade.Every night she was required to bring back 120 euros (0), which required an average of six clients or more per day.Only part of this money went towards repaying her debt."The madams also charge them for food and accommodation as well as renting the sidewalk" where they work, said De Masi, which she explained is managed by madams or other members of Nigerian criminal gangs.Johnson said she met Queen for the first time in 2006 in her hometown of Benin City.

But the intense psychological manipulation and physical abuse to which the women are subjected during their journey often dissuades them from trying to obtain a residence permit when they reach Italy.It is however known that as the hormone production decreases over time so does the desire for sexual intercourse.His email is [email protected] to Cheney My name is cheney from uk.Many feel unable to leave under pressure from the debt incurred during their trip - which can run as high as 65,000 euros (,000), according to Francesca De Masi, who co-authored the Be Free report.