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Here is the law defined: International Marriage Broker Defined The definition of International Marriage Brokers in IMBRA covers virtually all for-profit matchmaking entities, whether U. based on not, whose main business is the facilitation of dating or like services between U. International Marriage Broker Obligations Before an IMB can release the personal contact information of a foreign client to a U. The law, which was attached to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was apparently not debated in public and Mr. who makes a payment or incurs debt for an IMB's services. We think that the conservative view, namely that the term "United States client" COULD refer to a foreign citizen and, thus, that the IMB should be cautious in terms of saying that it doesn't need to comply with this law as to foreigners, is the safer reading. The Immigration Petition Process: Starting on March 06, 2006, any newly filed I-129F petition, which is expected to be revised, will ask the U. citizen petitioner to disclose all criminal history and past domestic violence and more.

Laurent says that no dating company or dating site user was invited to a closed-door Senate hearing in July 2004. The definition of "foreign national client" is anyone outside the U. In our view, 1) the statute's drafters plainly appeared to consider having the statute reach abroad with language such as the definition of IMB, as any company "whether or not existing under the laws of the United States" and the definition of "foreign national client" as a person abroad who is a intended beneficiary for "abuse protection" under this law, 2) the legislative history does not state or infer that the law only applies within the U. What about a foreign company which advertises in the U. The petition, as before, will ask the petitioner how the couple met.

However, the only study that addresses this issue was done by the INS in 1999 and it found that the rate of abuse in such international marriages is one-seventh the rate of abuse in domestic marriages. ind=downloads&op=entry_view&iden=24 Online Dating Rights Director of Public Relations Jim Peterson said of the judge's ruling: "It is a sad day for freedom in our country when an American has to have a criminal background check before he can say ' Hello" to a foreigner through the internet." He also said that "America is the only country in the world that regulates communication between two consenting adults seeking to communicate via internet, with the possible exceptions of China and North Korea. Please consult an experienced attorney with the specific facts of your case. Otherwise, we would be left with the absurd result of a U. IMB requiring extensive background information of United States clients only, but allowing foreign criminals, abusers and terrorists to freely purchase any lady's contact with no restrictions, something the drafters could NOT have reasonably have intended, if they wanted as they did to lessen the potential of crime and abuse. Answer: APPLICABILITY OF LAW: The simple and quick answer is: Yes, the law applies only to U. But before foreign owners celebrate their “free pass”, there are some important complications and caveats. [It says ANY company WHETHER OR NOT organized under U. The Consular Interview Process: Starting on March 06, 2006, the Consular Officer is duty-bound to ask at the Interview if the couple met through an IMB, and if so, the identity of the IMB, and if the IMB provided the gentleman's background information or documents to the foreign woman and obtained her signed consent.

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