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21-Jun-2018 00:12

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You go out on the second date, he springs for a bottle of wine, things are going great.

So don’t fall too hard, though by that time I’m sure you already have.

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Subconsciously he calculates this: every other guy that bought you a glass of wine…and you’re thirty…never married…one serious relationship…he met you at a happy hour so multiply that with years you’ve probably been going to happy hour…and you’ve lost him. Men want and appreciate what they have to work for. And always remember that YOU are worth working for…your heart AND your vagina. You always expect him to spend money on you, and you never offer to leave even so much as the tip This just makes you look selfish and impolite. You’re clingy You make Gorilla glue look like a bond-breaker. Or at a minimum recognize that you are not just being “loving” or “affectionate”. Learn where that line is, and DO NOT cross it, especially if you see a pattern in your own behavior and are predisposed to doing so. Either way, if he DOES let you split the bill it doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a cheap skate. If he likes you and wants to see you, he’ll spend more time with you if he knows he won’t go broke doing it. This poor guy is trying to get to know YOU better…not who you’re making yourself sound like. And…do you really want him to pretend he doesn’t know you if you run into him at Target?