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It was in this yard that the partly burned steam frigate USS MERRIMACK was converted by the Confederates into the CSS VIRGINIA.

In March 1862, worldwide attention focused on the battles between the VIRGINIA and the wooden Union ships USS CONGRESS and USS CUMBERLAND and the federal ironclad USS MONITOR. naval battleship to be commissioned, was built here in 1889-92 as was USS RALEIGH , the first modern cruiser completely built by the government.

The Navy, contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and MIT have partnered up for the three-day event, from Sept.

22 to 24, to lure tech-savvy millennials to the military branch, no sea legs needed.

During World War II, employment surged to nearly 43,000 and in 1945 the shipyard’s name was officially changed to Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

The shipyard has always symbolized America’s strength.

During our long history, NNSY has built more than 110 ships with the last one, the USS Bulwark, sliding down the building ways in 1953.

More than 400 people from local schools and startups have signed up, said Brian Mac Carthy, principal of Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Innovation Group.To him, the best part of this effort is getting these people interested in solving real world problems.“You don’t have to cut your hair and wear a uniform to help us fight in this mission,” he said.Those who are found inside its gates, both past and present, encompass its heritage and its future and serve their country with honor and pride. On November 1, 1767 Andrew Sprowle, a merchant and ship owner, established the Gosport Shipyard on the western shore of the Elizabeth River under the British flag.

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The shipyard has an important past and a vital future. The shipyard developed and prospered as both a naval and merchant shipyard.

From the early experiments with Polaris missiles to the latest installation of complex weapons systems, shipyarders have come up with productive ways to get their jobs done.