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Later ap- peared as Bunny with Kyrle Bellew in Raffles, 1903; as Lancelot with Eleanor Robson in Merely Mary Ann, Garden, New York, Dec. He then returned to vaudeville in Her Henpecked Husband, written by himself, 1907. 30, same year, appeared with Viola Allen as Philip Wycherley in Irene Wycherley at Baltimore, Md., and Astor, New York, Jan. As Arthur Ames with Arnold Daily in The Regeneration, Wallack's, New York, Sept. 2, 1908; appeared as Fred- erick Thornton in A Happy Marriage, Garrick, New York, Apr. 1909; as Marcus with Marie Doro, in The Morals of Marcus, Criterion, New York, Aug. Simone in a revival of The Thief, Daly's, New York, Oct. 28, 1903; as Beausant in all-star cast, Lady of Lyons, 1904; leading- role Home Folks, Mc Vicker's, Chicago, 1905; as Paul Gregory in The House of Silence, Savoy, New York, 1906; as Niatawa in The Redskin, Liberty, New York, same season; in vaudeville in sketch, Behind Closed Doors, on tour 1906. During summer of this season ap- peared as star at Belasco, Washington, and as Alan, with Fernanda Eliscu in Ruth, Orange, N. 1, 1908, and as Roderick Hay in His Wife's Family, same play- house, Oct. 9, 1909; and at same playhouse as Jus- tin Gutlieb in Israel, Oct. 16, 1911; as William Dean in The Truth Wagon, Daly's, New York, Feb. Has written the following books of mus.: Progressive Vocal Studies, Seventy-nine Studies for Alto or Bass, Seventy Lessons in Voice Training, Vocal Technique, Studies in Articulation, Exercises in Vocal Tech- nique. Born Fall River, Mass., 1875, the name of her parents being Whitehead. She danced for the entertainment of guests at summer resorts in the White Mountains until she decided to become a prof. Her first engagement was in Boston, in 1894, in the chorus of "1492." In 1895 she made her first Broadway appear- ance in Little Christopher, still be- ing in the chorus. In 1899 she played Gwendolyn in Prince Pro Tern, and in the same year Iris in The Greek Slave. Soc of the Pilgrim Congregation- al Churdh, and now dir. Visited Italy, France, Germany, England and other European centres studying system of mus. Composed following operas: The Water Carrier, Adaline, The Roundheads, Cavaliers; also the following songs: Memory's Dream, Tell It, Silver Throat, Song of the Opal. She became solo dancer at these festivals, which were annual affairs. Duff to play Mollie S'eamore in The Geisha and Dolly Wemyss in The Circus Girl. Leslie 63 Cary, Annie Louise 64 Castle, Egerton 64 Castle, Vernon 64 Cavan, Marie 64 Chadal, Georges 64 Chaffin, Lucien Gates 65 Chamberlin, Riley 65 Chambers, C. Kellett 65 Charlton, Loudon 66 Charpentier, Gustave 66 Chase, Pauline 66 Cheatham, Kitty 66 Churchill, Winston 66 Ciaparelli, Gina 67 Clark, Marguerite 67 Clarke, Delia 67 Clarke, Hugh Archibald 67 Clarke, Joseph I. 69 Coburn, Charles Douville 69 Coburn, Ivah Wills 69 Coghlan, Rosalind 70 Coghlan, Rose 70 Cohan, George M 71 Cole, Rossetter Gleason 71 Cole, Samuel Winkley 72 Collier, Constance 72 Collier, William 72 Collins, Arthur 73 Collins, Sewell 73 Colwell, Claire 73 Combs, Gilbert Reynolds 74 Comstock, Nanette 74 Connell, Horatio 74 Connelly, Edward J 74 Converse, Frederick Shepherd 75 Oooley, Hollis E 75 Coombs, Charles Whitney 75 Corcoran, Jane 76 Cord, Fay Ginn 76 Corey, Madison "6 Oorinne 76 Page Corthell, Herbert 77 Coulter, Frazier 77 Countiss, Cathrine 78 Courtenay, Vera 78 Coward, Edward Fales 78 Cowl, Jane 78 Cox, Rav 78 Coxey, Willard Douglas 79 Crane, Gardner 79 Crane, Mrs. 80 Crawford, John Wallace 80 Cressy, Will M 80 Crosman, Henrietta 81 Crothers, Rachel 81 Cuellar, Maria 81 Cunningham, Claude 82 Curtis, Natalie 82 Curtis, Sam J 82 D Dale, Alan 82 Dale, Margaret 82 Daly, Arnold 82 Damrosch, Frank 83 Damrosch, Walter 83 Dana, William Henry 83 Dandy, "Jess" 84 D'Arcy, Belle 84 D'Armond, Isabell 84 D'Arville, Camille 84 David, Annie Louise 85 Davies, Acton 85 Davies, Phoebe 85 Davis, Charles Belmont 85 Davis, Edwards 85 Davis, Florence 86 Davis, Richard Harding 86 Davis, Robert H 86 Davis, Will J 86 Day, Edmund 86 Dayne, Blanche 87 Dazey, Charles T 87 Dazie 87 Dean, Julia 87 De Angelis, Jefferson 88 de Belleville, Frederic 88 de Cisneros, Eleonora 89 de Cordoba, Pedro ^ 90 de Cordova, Rudolph 90 Deems, James Harry 90 De Foe, Louis V 91 de Forest, Marian 91 De Haven, Carter 91 de Koven, Reginald 91 de la Marca, Raffaello 91 della Rocca, Giacinta 92 della Rocca, Tolomeo E 92 Delmore, George E 92 Delmore, Ralph 92 De Mar, Carrie 93 de Mille, William C 93 Deming, Will 93 Dempster, Robert _. L 94 de Pasquali, Bernice 94 de Swirsky, Countess Thamara 95 de Treville, Yvonne 95 Dewey, Rufus Hosmer 95 de Wolfe, Elsie 95 Dickinson, Clarence 96 Dickinson, Edward 96 Diestel, Hermann 96 Dietrich, Rene 96 Dillingham, Charles Bancroft 96 Dippel, Andreas 96 Dith'mar, Edward Augustus 97 Ditrichstein, Leo 97 10 WHO'i S WHO IN MUSIC AND DRAMA Page Dix, Beulah Marie 97 Dixon, Thomas, Jr 98 Dodd, Lee Wilson 98 Dodson, John E 98 Donnelly, Dorothy 99 Dorn, Lilly 99 Doro, Marie 99 Dorr, Dorothy 100 D'Orsay, Lawrence 100 Dow, Howard Malcolm 101 Downing, Robert 101 Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan _. In 1893 she became the leading lady of the Empire Theatre Stock co., New York. C 67 Clarke, Wilfred 68 Claxton, Kate 68 Clement, Edmond 68 Cleveland, Anna 68 Cliff, Laddie 69 Clifford, Mrs. 101 Doyle, Frank Q 102 Dressier, Louis Raphael 102 Dressier, Marie 102 Drew, John 102 Drew, Louise 103 Duf ranne, Hector 103 Dunn, Arthur 104 Dunn, Edwin Wallace 104 Dupree, Minnie 104 Durkin, James 105 Duse, Eleanora 105 Du Souchet, Henry A 105 Dwyer, Ada 105 E Easton, Edward Denison 106 Eddinger, Wallace 106 Eddy, Clarence 106 Edeson, Robert 107 Ediss, Connie 107 Elinore, Kate 108 Elinore, May 108 Eliscu, Fernanda 108 Elliott, Gertrude 108 Elliott, Maxine 109 Ellis, Edward 109 Elliston, Grace 109 Elson, Arthur 110 Emerson, John ._ 110 Emerson, Luther Orlando 110 Erlanger, Abraham Lincoln 110 Ern, Henri Ill Errolle, Ralph Ill Erskine, Wallace Ill Estabrook, Howard 112 Eustace, Jennie A 112 Evans, Millicent 112 Everton, Paul 112 Ewell, Lois 113 Eytinge, Rose ..113 F Faelten, Carl 113 Fairbanks, Douglas 113 Fairfax, Marion 114 Falk, Louis 114 Fanciulli, Francesco 114 Farnum, Dustin 114 Farwell, Arthur 115 Faversham, William 115 Fawcett, George 116 Fay, Amy 116 Fay, Maude ,....116 Fealy, Maude 116 Felix, George 117 Ferguson, Elsie 117 Ferguson, Frank . J 118 Fernandez, Bijou 118 Fielding, Edward 118 Fields, Lew 119 Fields, W. 5, 1883, and later in same season in The Russian Honeymoon. 57 Busch, Carl 58 Butler, Vernon 58 Butler, Nellie 58 Bynner, Witter 58 Byrne, Francis 58 Byron, Oliver Doud 59 C Cadman, Ethel 59 Cady, Calvin Brainerd.^ 59 Caine, Hall 59 Cairns, Clifford 60 Caldara, Orme 60 Calloway, Thomas Clanton 60 Calvert, Catherine 60 Cameron, Frances 60 Camp, John Spencer 61 Camp, Sheppard 61 Campbell, Craig 61 Campbell, Mrs. Prof, debut made as Neptune in Saved from the Sea, Ele- phant and Castle, London, Nov. He wrote, prod, and appeared in The Wild Rabbit, Wolverhampton, Eng., subsequently prod. He played many roles throughout England, and for two years at Vaudeville, London. Tanqueray, and Duke of Olperts in The Notorious Mrs. In many of his plays he has had the assistance of other writers, notably Winchell Smith, Rex Beach and Wilson Mizner. This was followed by her appearance in dual roles in Hoodman Blind, and the leading roles in The Still Alarm and The Burglar. Patrick 61 Carbone, Agostino 62 Carew, James 62 Carl, William Crane 62 Carle, Richard 62 Carr, Alexander 63 Carreno, Teresa 63 Carter, Ernest 63 Carter, Mrs. She then joined Charles Frohman's forces and became the leading lady in his stock co., playing the leading roles in Men and Women and The Girl I Left Behind Me.

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Composed Ameri- can Plantation Dances, prod, at Madison Square Garden, New York, 1894, under auspices Dr. schools of Buffalo', Memphis and Columbus, 1853-57. when four years of age, making his public appearance before he was seven, and was leader of theatre orch. One of first violinists of Theodore Thomas Orch., 1869-76; leader and solo violinist N. 25, 1906; appeared as Noblewoman in The Little Michus, Garden, New York, Feb. 10, 1896; and at same playhouse with same actor as Count de Cluny in The Fool of For- tune, Nov.