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Now from the remaining Splitsvillains that is Ishaan-Subuhi and Zaan-Karishma only one couple could win.

The two couples were already at war and so everyone knew the task would be tough yet interesting.

Discover the unexplored parts of India and indulge in adventure sports that you didn’t imagine existed in India.

MTV and He Deos present a new travel and adventure show called ‘He Ticket’ which is slated to go on air on the 9th May 2015 until the end of July.

But Prince was definitely happy seeing his connection Anuki as the Queen.

Contestants were craving to reach the finale and here Yash tried to become the hero by quitting the show. Sophiya was accused by Yash for having soft corner for Utkarsh.

She cleared out the false blames but did not agree to apologize to him and decided to leave the show. (ALSO READ: MTV Splitsvilla 8 – Episode 20: Last dumping ground throws current Royals out and brings in two new Queens)The two queens Sana and Anuki were already in the finale but the boys whom they’ll choose as their partners also stands a chance to reach the finale directly without competing any task.

According to Yash, his connection Sophiya was trying to play games with him.

In order to teach her a lesson he decided to quit the show at the end moment.All you need to do is send us a video of about 2 minutes or less showing us what makes you INTERESTING enough for us to give you this golden chance. We want to know your definition of the word ‘interesting’.And please don’t send videos of you talking to the camera.The only difficulty was the hacksaw given to them wasn’t sharp so the couples had to struggle a lot.