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It's a music store, a book store, a video store, an app store, a podcast store, a music video store, an audiobook store, and whatever i Tunes U is.All of these functions get in the way of the features that I care most about and use on a daily basis: organizing and playing music.The nice thing about Sync is that it keeps everything in sync between all of your computers without requiring cloud storage.You could also use an open source solution here, like syncthing or writing some scripts around . We went from this: to this: while doing nothing but playing a song.I'm not even talking about illegal downloads: I've purchased albums from band and record label websites that have no id3 tags at all.

I've shed my dependence on i Tunes using beets, mpd, ncmpcpp, and Alfred, but I still need to use it to sync my music to my i Phone. First, make sure you remove i Tunes's privilege to manage your music library for you.It's hard to maintain a clean library of digital music.When you're ripping your own CDs you generally get accurate tag metadata, but we've all downloaded albums that are mistagged or untagged.This all presupposes that you, like me, still care about maintaining a collection of digital music files. This guide assumes you can comfortably edit files, create folders, and run commands in Terminal.

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To install the open source software I reference here, you need to first install homebrew.

I prefer ncmpcpp, a command-line player, because I spend a lot of time in the terminal anyway.