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She'll come home and say: "Oh, I don't think the casting director thought I was pretty," which is heartbreaking.' There have been other annoyances - namely the scrutiny given to her physical appearance. I don't know how old he is, but taking it out on me is a little strange. 'I get to travel and go to London and Paris, while this person sits by the computer writing mean things about me.Despite being a tiny UK size 6, she says: 'People will say things like: "You've got to lose weight and be this smaller size to wear this dress." It's upsetting, but I'm happy with how I look.' Internet gossip sites can be cruel - the most obvious offender being Perez Hilton, whose blog ritually castigates Miley Cyrus for no apparent reason. I'd rather be the one travelling.' Already acutely business-savvy, Miley knows her days as Hannah Montana are numbered, and she has already taken tentative steps out of the tween bubble.'So many tell me they are here for new show castings and they'll have their hair and make-up done, ready to be cast - yet they're just nine or ten years old.

Tickets for the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus tour of 2007 sold out within four minutes, while last year's film of the tour grossed almost £45million, making it the biggest-selling concert movie of all time.Her father was a huge country music star whose biggest song, Achy Breaky Heart, was a worldwide hit in 1992, the year of Miley's birth.Though he was wary of letting his daughter get into showbusiness at an early age (and having suffered years of public abuse for his mullet hairdo; he was well-acquainted with the vagaries of fame), Billy Ray let her join him on stage.With a hit TV show, two blockbuster films and an autobiography to her credit, Miley Cyrus has £17million in the bank. With innocent understatement verging on the ironic, she explains that she's had to grow up fast 'because people expect so much more of you when you are famous, and all I've ever wanted to do is to make an impact on the world'.

As the wholesome, fresh-faced star of the Disney Channel's top TV series Hannah Montana, she brought London's Leicester Square to a halt last week when - wearing a thigh-high glittery dress and 4in heels - she arrived for the premiere of her new movie.It is based on the eponymous character she plays on TV: Miley Stewart, a typical schoolgirl by day, who is transformed into international pop star Hannah Montana by night, the minute she dons her blonde wig - the girlie equivalent of Clark Kent taking off his nerdy glasses to become Superman!Only a few friends and her father (played by Miley's real dad, singer Billy Ray Cyrus) are privy to Miley's secret, and it is the contrast between her everyday existence and her escapist fantasy life which proves instrumental to the show's significant appeal.Her next film, The Last Song, scripted by Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe) will take her out of the Hannah Montana comfort zone, giving her the opportunity to prove that she can act a part that isn't essentially herself.