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The investigation must not have demanded much of Ockham's own time, since he was able to work on a number of other projects while he was in Avignon, including finishing his last major theological work, the .

It should be pointed out that, although there were some stern pronouncements that came out of the investigation of Ockham, his views were never officially condemned as heretical.

Things came to a real crisis in 1328, when Michael and the Pope had a serious confrontation over the matter.

As a result, Michael asked Ockham to study the question from the point of view of previous papal statements and John's own previous writings on the subject.

Ockham stayed there, or at any rate in areas under Imperial control, until his death.

During this time, Ockham wrote exclusively on political matters.

When he did so, Ockham came to the conclusion, apparently somewhat to his own surprise, that John's view was not only wrong but outright heretical.

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By and large, the former were written or at least begun while Ockham was still in England, while the latter were written toward the end of Ockham's Avignon period and later, in exile.

In 1323 Ockham was called before the Franciscan province's chapter meeting, held that year in Bristol, to defend his views, which were regarded with suspicion by some of his confreres.

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