Metrology define calibration dating

07-Jan-2019 03:33

If you so desire, the staff of that plant can only have access to the gauges for that particular plant.

The program also enables you to create your own print sets.

We maintain a close relationship with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the auditor of our laboratory accreditation.

Developing a positive partnership and collaboration with our customers is our approach to the science and business of making metrology calibration standards.

The basic features of "calibration" are: Use the “Gauge dispensary” function for recording gauge loans and loan history.

Gauge loans are automatically recorded to the gauge card, enabling you to instantly determine where the gauge is currently located.

Language versions - The METROLOGY software enables you to switch freely between CZECH, ENGLISH, GERMAN, POLISH, SPANISH AND FRENCH.

The Gauge Record Card is connected to the software part of the "Calibration" module and the resulting calibration readings are automatically transferred to the gauge card.

If you have external calibration protocols in electronic form, you may attach these to the calibration record and then open that calibration protocol from the program itself.

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