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04-Sep-2018 10:38

MILF does mean something like Mother I would like to Fuck – and that is what you get here.

I think some of them really call themselves mothers just to get attention.

Therefore, if you do like older women just look at the pictures and you will know whom to get. Then you should see the front page, the models there can be both mature and more in their twenties.

Rest assured; you can chat with all kinds of women on our website, not only the old and mature ones.

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For instructions, please see the FAQ 'Receiving emails from the University of Cambridge'.You can talk to a very old grandmother here, or just chat with a normal mother of about 30-40 years old.If you want to talk with a cougar that should be no problems either.You’ll find detailed guidance about completing the COPA in our Guide to Completing the COPA (PDF), and help text in the COPA questionnaire.