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This provides accuracy and you will not need to keep tweaking pins for longer distances.

Trophy Ridge 5-pin bow sight features a tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustment .

The sight is made using the Ballistix Copolymer System which is as tough and strong as aluminum, but with 25% less weight.

Vibration is reduced because of the soft-touch coating.

The name of this bow sight matches its performance.

Another innovative product by Trophy Ridge, the Punisher provides brightness and precision, and can be adjusted to fit any shooting style.

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The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee if you cannot shoot longer distances and tighter groups.This happens because of inconsistent anchor and bow torque which causes misalignment.Retina Lock instant feedback Technology which controls muscle memory, form and consistency provide a perfect alignment for a perfect shot. It has stack tight .019 fiber optic pins, and an adjustable second axis.Compound bow sights are essential for seeing clearly when you are shooting at a target.

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Compound bows are capable of shooting at great speed, so it is important that the target is in clear view.Even with your pin on, your aim can be off if your anchor point is off even ¼” or your bow is torqued.The shot has the potential of being off more than 10” at 40 yards.The Tru Glo Carbon XS is constructed with lightweight carbon-composite and finished with a TRUTOUCH soft-feel technical coating.

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