Mandating nurse patient ratios dating furniture 20th century

16-Aug-2018 07:02

The authors state that one avenue for achieving an improved working environment is for hospitals to obtain Magnet status through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) [1].

After reviewing the, it can be concluded that Magnet status is a high quality credential to receive.

This is rapidly-emerging technology that warrants closer examination.

discusses how decreasing nurse-to-patient ratios in medical-surgical units as well as improving work environments is associated with increased patient survival following an in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) [1].

The authors found that hospitalized patients receiving care in poor nursing work environments had a 16% lower likelihood of survival [1].

Furthermore, a lower nurse-to-patient ratio doesn’t automatically mean an improvement in patient outcomes.

Changes to nurse staffing ratios must also be accompanied by improved working conditions for patient outcomes to be positively impacted.

After doing some initial searching, here is what I learned.