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In addition, the northern town of Bocchoris, dating back to pre-Roman times, was a federated city to Rome. In 534, Majorca was recaptured by the Eastern Roman Empire, led by Apollinarius.

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It flourished under Roman rule, during which time the towns of Pollentia (Alcúdia), and Palmaria (Palma) were founded.It took place on 2 July 1715 when the island capitulated to the arrival of a Bourbon fleet.In 1716, the Nueva Planta decrees made Majorca part of the Spanish province of Baleares, roughly the same to present-day Illes Balears province and autonomous community.From 707, the island was increasingly attacked by Muslim raiders from North Africa.

Recurrent invasions led the islanders to ask Charlemagne for help.‎) conquered the Balearic Islands, ushering in a new period of prosperity under the Emirate of Córdoba.In the early 18th century, the War of the Spanish Succession resulted in the replacement of that dynastic union with a unified Spanish monarchy under the rule of the new Bourbon Dynasty.The last episode of the War of Spanish Succession was the conquest of the island of Mallorca.The Barbary corsairs of North Africa often attacked the Balearic Islands, and in response, the people built coastal watchtowers and fortified churches.