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The GWC aims to raise ,000 (£10,850) before Valentine's Day to fund biologists to find a mate for Romeo in the field, and will match each donation from February 9 until Valentine's Day.The Bolivian Amphibian Initiative aims to send 10 expeditions to the streams and rivers where the Sehuencas water frog was once common to look for individuals to start a conservation breeding program.The fact that he has got two girls pregnant may be because they were both scheming women trying to trap him into marriage or because he persuades them to throw caution to the wind for his own sexual satisfaction - so make sure you don't go down that road.

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Chytridiomycosis, an infectious fungal diseases that affects amphibians worldwide, is also a potential threat.

If Romeo dies without finding a mate, he could follow the route of 'Lonesome George,' a childless Galapagos tortoise who died in 2012, taking his entire subspecies with him.