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26-Dec-2018 20:45

We use the scalability of our cloud-based architecture to the fullest so that you can adapt your network to suit your current business needs. The cloud architecture allows us to add new and enhanced features much faster than traditional software development methods.

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Amit Fulay, group product manager of communications products, told me that "our team's motto when we started the project was: performance is the feature, video is the UI." And even though that might sound like corny Silicon Valley buzzword speak, from what I saw of Duo, it was true.

Provide controlled internet access for visitors, contractors, and other guests on your network.

Using a daily password or time-based voucher, you can customize guest access to display the hotspot portal with your own terms of service and branding.

Compared to Skype or Google's own Hangouts, Duo is a breath of fresh air.

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Italy like Spain has a thriving online dating scene.Google has lots of nerdy, technical things it can tell you about how it achieved all this.It optimized web RTC and connects the calls using QUIC over UDP for a much faster initial end-to-end encrypted connection.You can mute your microphone, you can flip the camera. When it was over, Erik Kay, director of engineering, communications products, couldn't help but point that out: "You noticed the demo was super short and that's because that's all it needs to be." The whole app on Android weighs in at around five megabytes.