Listening activities speed dating

27-Jul-2018 05:36

The teacher can make small cards with phrases, questions, quotes, or other conversation starters and at a certain time during the lesson the teacher can ask any number of students to pick a card, prepare a short speech for about 2 minutes, and then deliver it.

This exercise lends itself very well to pair work or small group work and it is useful if the students in the class are still too shy to speak in front of all their peers.

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– This activity was inspired by the ‘speed dating’ concept.As soon as the time is up the ‘moving’ group should stand up and go to the next student and the activity starts again.If you do not want students to be talking about the same more than once, you can provide different prompts every time the students move or assign a topic per student in one of the groups so that at least half the class gets to discuss something different every time they talk to someone new.Outlined below are a few novel activities for using that first day of class to emphasize the importance of learning and the responsibility students share for shaping the classroom environment.