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The site is the only general Rainbow database, alongside specialist sites such as LNA’s listing of groups welcoming lesbians and queer women, Rainbow Youth’s I’m Local listing of young people’s Rainbow groups, and the community support listings of Gender Minorities Aotearoa.

OUTLine will discuss with major Rainbow organisations the possibility of sharing access to the database, so that LNA, for example, could update details of organisations relevant to queer women and the changes would be available for all users.

Participation by corporates: even if they have a Rainbow Tick, is their presence more than a marketing exercise?

How LGBTTQ are Countdown, the banks, airlines, or concrete mixers? And how come the visibly queer presentation on their floats were drag queens?

Such a move “needs to be negotiated with others across the country in a collaborative way,” Duncan says.

OUTLine’s recently negotiated three-year sponsorship agreement with Spark which includes updating the 0800 phone system to include internet and online chat, and eventually enable phone volunteers to do their shifts from anywhere around the country rather than only in Auckland.

Where else would you get a bunch of young, presumably heterosexual men, fist pumping and chanting, “Books! New corporates included Qantas, Tower Insurance, Vodafone NZ and Sky City; several corporates paid registration fees for Rainbow community groups, says Shaughan.

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Board members are chair Cissy Rock, a lesbian community organiser; secretary Toni Duder who works at Rainbow Youth; trans and disability activist Allyson Hamblett; former Rainbow Youth chair Toni Reid of the Life Hack mental health initiative; Moira Clunie, who works at the Mental Health Foundation and is a member of the Auckland Council Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel; treasurer Hayden Bigelow and Robert Ford. “OUTLine policy includes the Treaty, and we’re reviewing policy at the moment,” says Duncan.

The Charlotte Museum of lesbian culture is developing heritage lesbian walks, has two publications in the works, is digitising lesbian music, and cataloguing its book collection.