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20-Oct-2018 21:32

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Most of them grow out of their Satanism by the time they reach their twenties, although some will develop into another form of Satanism over time."Sicko" Satanists are criminals and psychopathic individuals who use Satanism as a justification for murder, rape, kidnapping, child abuse, and similar activities.

Groups such as the Church of Satan fall into the category of Organized Satanism: publicly known Satanic groups which oppose criminal activity and have well-developed theologies which they often publish electronically or in printed form.While anti-religious, it also rejects many of the ethical tenets of secular humanism, feeling them to be too close to Christian morality (which they feel represses the individual) and instead following a combination of pseudo-Nietzschean ideas and Ayn Rand worship that it identifies with the Left-Hand Path.Similar to La Veyan Satanism, the Satanic Temple is an atheistic organization, and does not believe in a literal Satan, though some of its members are theistic Satanists.Unlike La Veyans, however, the Satanic Temple rejects the supernatural entirely.

May 14, 2008 Would you date a satanist. I'd probably have trouble dating someone. I would probably be more likely to date a Theistic Satanist than a LaVeyan.… continue reading »

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