Lauren london and ti dating

07-Dec-2018 12:19

At work one day, Esquire meets John Garnett (Keith David), a millionaire who heads a successful business venture called the United Express.

The two quickly become friends, with Garnett's admiration for Esquire's ambition and Esquire's respect for Garnett's success driving the relationship.

Erin says that she will reveal where Esquire is really from (something he lied to her father about) if he tells Rashad about her.

Things soon begin to fall apart for Rashad; Ant is arrested for selling weed, and later Rashad finds out the truth about Erin.

When not working or finishing his last semester of high school, Rashad spends most of his time with his friends Brooklyn (Albert Daniels), Teddy (Jason Weaver), and Esquire (Jackie Long).

Rashad is a talented artist but does not see much of a future in that field as he has become accustomed to working the family business.

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Rashad, lastly, becomes a comic artist for the Sunday edition of the Atlanta Evening Standard, the city's newspaper.

The twins Veda and Star remain in the old neighborhood and hang out at Cascade on Sundays, while Erin goes to Spelman College, the school she wanted to attend, in which Rashad appreciates a lot more because she's still close.

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