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26-Oct-2018 16:15

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Also known as members of "The Race Who Knows Joseph".Age, race and gender irrespective, it's someone on the same wavelength as you, with an outlook that is similar enough to make understanding flow naturally.The kind of person you can just speak your mind to, and trust that they will understand, or at least accept -- you don't have to limit your self expression too much. Some kindred spirits are more kindred than others: which reflects the idea that someone may be emotionally similar to you in one way, but not in all ways. My best friend is one: we joke that we are twins, psychically.A Turkish girl I met for a couple of days through work ended up corresponding with me for over 10 years now, with us addressing each other as 'sister' because we felt a strong similarity of feeling on some level -- although in many ways we are also very different.It is amazing the number of people that say that and they are in the divorce courts 5 years later.Long live the fairy tale romance, while it lasts anyway! and we are not the same people at 40 that we were at 20..someone who you connect with now..The difference being is that I see a "KS" as more plutonic in nature, a "SM" is more intimate in nature.So essentially you can find a "KS" who becomes your "SM".

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I have come across several "Kindred Spirits" in my life, but never really came across my "Soul Mate". ^^^^^^^It made total sense and a light bulb went on because in a sense I see what you mean.....there is a big difference between a KS and SM and yes I would agree that the intimacy thing would play a part.

Someone who is there for you when things are great and still there when things are going horribly wrong. Someone who knows you inside and out and won't judge you.

Someone for whom you would drop everything to help.

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Well for me, a "Kindred Spirit" is pretty much the same as what most consider the common definition for "Soul Mate" to be.I'm lucky enough to have friends like this--but I've never had it in a romantic relationship. In my life I have found that people I intitally may click withare often not people I get to know and STILL want to be around. For instance: I didnt always get along with my grandmother but later in life... I do not think you always will have an immidiate connection... Personally I am a believer in past lives and I believe we all connect again in some form or another, those that were more prevident in our lives will always of course return in a large way to us each and every time. this life is the only one that matters right now.andisnt it funny that nobody with a past life was someone ordinary?like a sharecropper or someone who workedas labor in a rice swamp?Those couples that do find great partners are undoubtedly hooking up with kindred spirits, but not soulmates.

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