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David Boies is awarded by the National Law Journal, and Time Magazine in 2000.He is also famous as by the New York Bar Association and Commercial Litigator.Clare Foltz became an inspirational lawyer for women. She tried a lot for suing the Hastings College of Law for discriminations.The California state law got changed for changing the individuals’ work against ethnic and racial issues. Stephen Neale worked for He was awarded as Super Lawyer in 2009, and Best Lawyer in America in 2010.

He also contributed in the constitutions for Ghana and Tanzania.

He worked for for many years, and is awarded with Chambers USA 2009: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, and various other appreciations.

Evan has been a defending lawyer of IBM’s ALT key against patent-infringement claims.

By July 1942 he was commanding the 22nd Armoured Brigade, which he led in the Battle of Alam el Halfa and the Second Battle of El Alamein, before, in mid-March 1943, he was transferred to the 26th Armoured Brigade, part of Major General Charles Keightley's 6th Armoured Division, which he led in the final stages of the Tunisian Campaign until the Axis powers surrendered in mid-May.

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A month after this he handed over the 26th Armoured Brigade to Brigadier Richard Hull and was posted back to the United Kingdom, where, for six months, he commanded the 30th Armoured Brigade, part of Major General Percy Hobart's 79th Armoured Division.Some of them succeeded, while others couldn’t get much from this profession. During 2009, David Bernick represented Dow Chemical in M&A disputes with Rohm & Haas, and also worked for Apple in litigation related to the i Pod.Today, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 most famous and successful lawyers ever. Evan is an excellent and one of the most famous and successful lawyers ever.Abraham Lincoln has had been the part of controversial wars against slavery. The 16 President of the United States, Abraham, struggled for tackling different law cases such as trials for medical malpractice, corporate misconduct etc.