Jazz tucker dating fanfiction

28-Nov-2018 13:54

Set in season one after "The Andorian Incident." MU CHALLENGE FIC [Multiple Chapters, each chapter approximately 30K]Summary: [PG-13], TPol falls in love with Archer. Episode addition for "Terra Prime." Trip and TPol fall out over the details of the memorial service for their daughter.[COMPLETE: 40K] Summary: [PG-13], A sequel to my Finale Fix, "Desert Rose." Trip is recovering from his injuries after the explosion, but can he and TPol put aside their differences long enough to make things work between them. Part 1, 70K, subsequent parts variable]SUMMARY: [PG], My story continues one year after Star Trek : Enterprises Terra Prime.[COMPLETE: 45]Summary: [R], Part of my "Virtual Season 5" series.This is a sequel to my story, "The Warp Six Project: Two Weddings and a Funeral." Archer and his new wife have a major disagreement, the newly revamped Enterprise heads out on her first mission since the refit...Trip has been on Enterprise doing repair work now for about a week.The repairs are going slowly and secretly he is in no hurry to get them done.[COMPLETE: 45K]Summary: [PG], This is a slight crossover with TOS. Summary: [PG], The second installment of my Away Mission series.It is told from TPols point of view, but characters from TOS make rather crucial appearances. Its another funny situation that the love birds get themselves into. Instead of sending down the whole crew, Captain Archer thinks it would be best that our favorite resident couple go after the item.

It is another possible way that Trip and TPol bridge the gap between them and start exploring their bond.

In the same spirit that TPTB are giving us T/T moments, I offer a couple more Spoilers: Home, Borderland, The Augments, Hints of the VCW, Season 3 [COMPLETE: 12K]Summary: [PG], TLR suggested a story about young Trip in a comment for my story A Vulcan Childhood. It actually is a prequel to Koss Again in Sovals Annex which is a tale of two architects Koss and Elisabeth Tucker.