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In 1965, a 64-year-old Latvian called Herberts Cukurs was lured into a small house in Montevideo, Uruguay, by a portly, balding man calling himself Anton Kunzle.As Cukurs stepped into the hall he was leapt upon by a Mossad team and killed with two bullets to the brain.Could one of its agents have applied a lethal dose to Arafat’s toothbrush, so it was absorbed through the gums?We must wait a little longer and see what tissue samples from Arafat’s disinterred body tell us.

While Eichmann was taken to Israel to face a trial and execution, other Nazi war criminals were dispatched with less due process.The implications of doing this are profound and affect many parts of the Bible.Radioisotope dating is commonly used to date igneous rocks.Sedimentary rocks, which contain most of the world’s fossils, are not commonly used in radioisotope dating.

These types of rocks are comprised of particles from many preexisting rocks which were transported (mostly by water) and redeposited somewhere else. Atomic mass is the heaviness of an atom when compared to hydrogen, which is assigned the value of one. In beta decay, either an electron is lost and a neutron is converted into a proton (beta minus decay) or an electron is added and a proton is converted into a neutron (beta plus decay).In the article, coyly titled ‘Improving forensic investigation for polonium poisoning’, the team say they took samples of blood, sweat and urine from Arafat’s clothes and found they contained significantly higher than expected levels of polonium-210.‘These findings support the possibility of Arafat’s poisoning with polonium-210,’ the report baldly states.It is a conclusion that tallies with another investigation of Arafat’s belongings, which was published in May last year.His body was packed into a trunk with a note that identified his killers as ‘Those Who Will Never Forget’.