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I like to like somebody before I sleep with them,” he confessed.“You know, you’re going to have to talk to them afterwards, even if it is a one-night stand. I mean, that has happened, but generally speaking I’ve known the person.

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Especially when he's already revealed himself to be a little more sensitive than other guys his age.He said: “I’m Daniel Radcliffe, and I believe that reaching out for help is the bravest thing a person can do.If you are struggling and need support, call the Trevor Lifeline. I suppose I want it to be the place of knights and that kind of stuff.” Knights marry princesses. [Radcliffe met Coker, a production assistant, on the set of the last Potter film.] “Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately, the way I do it, there is no romance to it! I think of myself as being Jewish and Irish, despite the fact that I’m English.

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I still see something very romantic in the world that perhaps isn’t there. When growing up, I thought of marriage as being very official, drawing up a contract. But then you meet somebody that you really love and you think, ‘Actually, I wouldn’t mind standing up in front of my friends and family and telling them how much I love you and that I want to be with you forever.’Are you in love with girlfriend Rosie Coker? There are lots of times when I’m a very good boyfriend, but there are times when I’m useless. ’ And she listens to it, and she loves me for my oddness, my awkwardness, all of those things that I hate about myself. Afterward, I texted her, saying, ‘I’m sorry, what I just did probably seems very odd to you.’ Fortunately, she just found it really funny, so she kept coming back.”Last year you gave up alcohol. The idea of that kind of life and chaos was always so appealing to me.

In a way it’s a great relief that I will never, ever do a film as successful as the Harry Potter series. [laughs] Or it will take them a long time.” Be sure to check out this weekend’s issue of PARADE magazine in your local newspaper for the full interview with Daniel Radcliffe.