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03-Oct-2018 20:32

If you can't handle it, then don't ask that kind of intimate question.

Most intimate questions have a simple answer, or you're girlfriend or boyfriend “hasn't thought about that in years”. Sometimes, though, you're going to walk away saying, “Wow.

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If you want to wade into the deep water, we'll start with general intimate relationship questions.

Jealousy, anxiety and insecurity happens in many relationships on one level or another, but exes tend to take these emotions to a whole new level.

This is someone they invested a lot of time and emotion into at one time. Is there an ex you need to know about, who might march right back into the middle of your relationship at some point?

This was the “love of her life” or the “his one big regret”. The most intimate relationship questions are important to ask at some point, because you're probably going to learn why your love partner acts the way he or she does.

But you're asking your lover to unpack some of that emotional baggage they've been carrying.Two, if this is going to be your intimate relationship partner, then you'll need to learn how to cope with their issues or adjust to their expectations.This is the “gorilla in the room” in most relationships: the former lovers.Perhaps this is something you talk about over a quite dinner, or somewhere in between.

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