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21-Feb-2019 22:18

It could mean that they have a closed mind and are most likely unwilling to listen to the speaker’s viewpoint.

Another type of arm gesture also includes an arm crossed over the other, demonstrating insecurity and a lack of confidence.

Combinations of eyes, eyebrow, lips, nose, and cheek movements help form different moods of an individual (example happy, sad, depressed, angry, etc.).

Behavioural experiments have also shown that recognition of facial expression is influenced by perceived bodily expression.

The shrug is a good example of a universal gesture that is used to show that a person doesn't understand what you are saying.At one point, researchers believed that making a genuine smile was nearly impossible to do on command. More recently, a study from Northeastern University researchers found that people could do a pretty good job of faking a Duchenne smile, even when they weren't feeling especially happy.Emotions can also be detected through body postures.Finger gestures are also commonly used to exemplify one's speech as well as denote the state of well-being of the person making them.

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In certain cultures, pointing using one's index finger is deemed acceptable.A person sitting till the back of their chair, leans forward with their head nodding along with the discussion implies that they are open, relaxed and generally ready to listen.On the other hand, a person who has their legs and arms crossed with the foot kicking slightly implies that they are feeling impatient and emotionally detached from the discussion."It's a multiple gesture that has three main parts," they continue.

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