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19-Feb-2019 19:21

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The smartphone app, created by End Game Design Laboratories and developed by Zco Corporation, is designed to "reward honest people," according to a company news release.

According to developers, the app's scoring system works by ranking its users.

"High-quality" users will likely have higher scores from representing themselves truthfully, thereby increasing their chances to meet other high quality users."Low-quality" users have the opportunity to hit the refresh button and submit a new profile… The unique dating atmosphere of the Mile Square City played a large role in the app's development."We created mazlo in Hoboken in 2014 (2nd and Hudson to be exact) and found the area to be both inspiring with its views and quite educating with respect to the dating scene," mazlo co-founders David Lubert and Jessica Birks told Patch."The timing was perfect being that apps such as Tinder, OK Cupid, and Happn were just starting to become popular, requiring single people to learn how to navigate the new technology.

That, in conjunction with the young and single environment of Hoboken, greatly influenced the creation of mazlo.

We started fooling around and he kept obsessing over my butt. It all happened so quick, I didn’t know what to do but put my head in the pillow and laugh. A few hours later, early morning, the exact same thing happened AGAIN! A few months later I randomly get a text from a friend saying, ‘Did Butt-Fetish Brad live in a nice-ass building on Hudson?Even though we no longer call Hoboken home due to professional reasons, the 'spark' of the app undoubtedly occurred there and, because of that, we'll always have a sentimental feeling towards the city.""No matter where this venture ends up, we will always credit Hoboken for being the environment that inspired the creation of mazlo," Lubert and Birks emphasized.date, let me share some gems I’ve heard from around Hoboken to make you feel better.Krista is constantly trying to find the balance between answering FOMO’s siren call and her inner desire to binge-watch the latest show for 18 hours straight.

Similar to starburst, she is a walking contradiction.He walked me to my door, leaned in…and basically licked my face. After he broke up with current girlfriend of 3 years, of course.” “Went on a couple of dates with a guy I had met through friends, and we got along pretty well.I went off to a vacation in Italy, and he went off to Burning Man.It was Saturday night and I was enjoying some vodka soda at the Madison when I feel someone creep up beside me.